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For over 30 years, we, Triangle Micro Research AG, have been active as a software company for the future of Swiss medical informatics. We see ourselves as a long-term and competent partner and look forward to continuing to advance Swiss medical informatics in the future.

We have been active in Swiss medical informatics since we were founded in 1993 as a spin-off by scientists and doctors from the University of Basel and are one of the longest-standing companies in this area.

Our main products are the medical practice software WinMed® , the middleware project Sumex1 supported by suva, and the development and operation of the form system for medical forms.

One of our core competencies is the development of new standards for the Forum Datenaustausch. The vast majority of medical informatics providers operating in Switzerland use the Sumex1 modules for validation and billing. The project provides healthcare providers with a standardized form system that reduces administrative effort, limits manual data entry to a minimum and enables efficient electronic communication. In addition to research and development in collaboration with universities, we also offer consulting in the field of medical informatics.

We are also particularly committed to training. Every year, diploma theses are supervised at universities and technical colleges.


Medical practice software

Tried and tested. Reliable. Inexpensive.
WinMed® is a medical practice software and optimally covers all the needs of a modern medical practice.
WinMed® has an eKG, eLab, agenda, billing and statistics.
The modular structure and the variety of interfaces (devices, external software and network services) enable a tailor-made configuration according to your needs with the aim of speeding up your workflow.

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Form system

The project provides a variety of forms in the Swiss healthcare system free of charge. The integration of the forms is easy with the associated Sumex1 component. Updating and integrating new forms are built right in. The form fields follow a systematic nomenclature, which makes automatic filling, analysis and reading much easier. When integrated, this means a huge increase in efficiency for the end user.


The Sumex1 project offers Swiss medical informatics software providers free, COM-based middleware for medical tariffs and communication standards. The integration of Sumex1 components is easy and ensures high quality in service validation, invoicing, MCD creation and form processing. The use of Sumex1 increases investment security for the software company and the end user.

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Routing system

The medical standard routing service (medSRS) is an open routing standard from the Forum Datenaustausch. It makes it possible to find a communication partner in the Swiss healthcare system, as a function of a standard of the Forum data exchange.
The implementation as a RESTful web service allows setting a routing half set (RHS) and also querying an RHS of a specific communication partner. The web service is specified according to the open standard OpenAPI 3.0.

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